Terms and Conditions

Insurance and Damages

Although our moving staff will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If a damage is caused by our staff, at our discretion, we will: repair the item or compensate for its depreciated value. China, glass, clocks, glassware, lamps, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Flat Panel Televisions, or any other fragile articles that are not packed & un-packed by Movers4You Inc. will only be moved at the owner’s risk. Because the mechanical condition of electronics and appliances is unknown; we only assume responsibility for items which are mishandled or receive visible damage by our staff. We are not responsible for unprotected flooring. If due to an inherent weakness in a piece of furniture (I.E. defect, prior repair, and unstable construction) a damage occurs, you understand that we will not be liable for any damage (s) to that piece. Movers4You Inc. is only responsible for items in our immediate care. Movers4You Inc. assumes no responsibility for money, jewelry, or other valuables, please make sure these items are safely put away before our moving crew arrives. Movers4You Inc.’s policy in regards to particle board/ready-to-assemble furniture: These items are not structurally created to be moved once assembled; we will not repair or replace these items in the event they are damaged during the move. Movers4You Inc. will not be responsible for claims not specified on this contract. We are not responsible for any damages reported after our movers leave the premises.

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